Our Mission

United Parents and Students (UPAS) is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization seeking to empower low-income communities to become powerful self-advocates for sustainable neighborhood revitalization. Through our work, we partner with local public schools, including the Green Dot Public Schools network, and community-based organizations to create training centers that teach families the formal skills of community organizing and authentic civic engagement. As a result of this training, families are equipped to: identify clear and actionable issues within their communities, unify to develop meaningful and community centered solutions, and organize to advocate for deep systemic change on these issues. Our vision is to establish a national network of permanent, self-sustaining coalitions of informed and mobilized community members. Currently, UPAS operates chapters in Los Angeles, CA; Memphis, TN; and Stamford, CT.




We define community organizing as the development of a collective of people who can leverage the power of a unified voice and rich public life to affect positive and lasting social change in their communities. To accomplish this, our work is centered around broad based community organizing and leadership development.


United Parents & Students - LATTC

UPAS has several pathways for leadership development. United Parents and Students’ Parent Academy offers free adult education workshops designed to provide parents with a core understanding of the issues that most affect their communities.



UPAS leaders exercise their right to hold local officials accountable to the needs of their communities. UPAS team members work within the community - primarily starting with schools as the “broad base” - to surface these issues and develop plans of action toward addressing them. 

Broad Based
Community Organizing


Organize. Advocate. Act.

Board of Directors

Allison Bajracharya
Erika Toriz
Gabriel Sanchez


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